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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Review: Triangle / トライアングル

It's been sometimes after my last review on drama. I'm just been lazy and I am not really good in reviewing drama. I wrote the previous few reviews just after watching a few episodes, which i think that I did not really make a good full review (as i just based on the first few episodes). Hence i decided to write a review after I have watched the entire drama.

Okay so let's talk about this drama -Triangle. Even though i have been posting up links for dramas, I have not really watch them yet. Today i have just finished watching the last 4 episodes of Triangle. I am gonna give this drama a pretty good rating. Perhaps is a 4 out of 5. It could be a bias opinion as I like mystery and suspense drama. This reason perhaps has added a point. I could say this drama is a successful suspense drama. Why is it successful? What is the main element of a suspense drama? I would say a successful suspense drama is one that will lead you through the drama, while keeping you in suspense, letting you to think who or what is the main culprit or cause is even at the last episode. This drama has done that.

A brief summary of this drama. It is about a girl who was killed 25 years ago but the culprit is yet been found. Hence the main storyline in this drama is to find out this culprit. So who is the culprit? At different point of time, this drama will lead the audiences to different suspects and eventually the real suspect. Even though the ending (the real suspect and the reason behind it) seems far-fetched, the storyline is pretty good overall.

The acting of the casts are pretty good as well except one who i'm not really sure if I am not good in interpreting facial expressions or is he not expressing well. I also like the music of this drama as well. Lastly, this drama is worth to watch and i recommend to you all.

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