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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Natural Disaster - Cyclone in Myanmar

Initially, never thought of the cyclone in Myanmar to be so devastating... First day, heard the news about less than hundred of death toll.. Then next day the death toll raised to thousands over.. Today raises to 20,000 plus of death toll... Humans are vulnerable when encountering natural disasters which are unavoidable... We are not able to prevent it but what we are able to do is to minimize the impact of the natural disasters. However, sometimes human activities are the culprits of intensifying the impact.. Take this Myanmar cyclone as an example. News had reported that the possible high number of death toll was partly due to the destruction of mangrove forests which used to act as a buffer from the sea. The absence of these forests result the people to be more directly affected from the cyclone. Why the destruction of mangrove forests? --> to make room for human activities...

Let's hope that this to be over soon....

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