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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Naruto Shippuuden + Bleach Filler

Naruto -- So the filler arc started again... Hopefully this filler is short.. I did not watch the previous filler at all cos is too long ( i only started to watch naruto after that filler ends), hence i am able to skip the whole filler... I feel like reading the manga but then i'm lazy to read.. haha.. and i also think that i will not watch anime version after reading manga (cos already know in details what the anime is about). So i share just wait... at the meantime might just get to know the story here and there in brief details. In this way, i will still enjoy watching the anime version.. haha..

kawaii Naruto! haha

Bleach -- oh man bleach also having filler arc. As mentioned above, hope this filler is short too... and hope is more interesting.. the previous Bounto arc was kind of boring... Hope this time the new captain arc is much exciting, such that im looking forward every next episode...

ichigo kid-version . aha

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