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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

命中注定我爱你 & Last friends

(opps so fast jiu another post.. haha.. bear with mi cos i wanna relax tonight) wanna introduce 2 dramas that i am currently watching...

firstly is the latest Taiwanese drama 命中注定我爱你... main casts are 阮经天 and 陈乔恩... hmm i think 陈乔恩 really acted quite well... She able to express well in her emotions... the story between the 2 main casts started on a cruise where both of them initially were preparing for their own activities --- 陈欣怡 wanna spends a romantic 2 days 1 night trip with her boyfriend( oh man this guy is a jerk)... and 纪存希 prepares to propose to his girlfriend... then due to some factors (go and watch it.. haha), they-- one night stand... then the girl pregnant, then they get married... and the story goes on... seems to be quite a familiar plot, but then still enjoy watching.. haha... is a comedy drama as well... recommend to watch...

secondly is the latest Japanese drama "Last friends"... This drama attracted me because of the casts -- Ueno Juri (from Nodame), Nagasawa Masami (from Proposal Daisakusen) and Nishikido Ryo( from 1 litre of tears)... had watched the first episode and really had attracted me because at the very first part of the episode, i am already left in a suspension (haha go watch it and u will know what i meant)... anyway Juri cuts a very short hair for this drama, she looks really cool... this character really is very different.. haha... Ryo is acting as bad guy in this drama 0.o.... more about this drama can find at :

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