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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

1 down...

yeah finally 1 down... hmm hopefully can get S ba.. haha hmm at least manage to squeeze smth out for each qn... so at least can get some marks here and there... wootz anyway drug exam over le... yeah... 923 really is an intense module... not only that contents are difficult to understand, i also had experienced new stuffs from this module... for example, writing a literature review based on a paper that i chose... and also writing a proposal... though these 2 assignments are pretty tough since they are new to mi, i have learnt alot from these assignments.... i get to read alot of papers, especially for the proposal... the proposal really stimulate alot in our thinking... we need to come out with novel idea in designing drug (not really novel since we did make use of previous findings).. sound cool but really pretty hard... we have been changing our aims in every of our first few meetings... eventually we came out with a satisfied proposal... really feel a sense of achievement when our proposal was completed... haha... yeah yeah one burden down...

Jiayou everyone!

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