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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ayumi Hamasaki 濱崎步 - Sparkle Lyrics (Romanji + English Translation)


Hora soko de kusubutte iru
Kawaii Boys tachi to
Konya dake wa Girls tachi mo
Tsuyogari wa oyasumi

Karada de kanjite
Kokoro no mama ni

Atama n naka no risei bakari
Yuusen shi chau n de shou

Sonna toki wa tada beat ni
Mi o makasere ba ii

* Nagameru dake ja hajiman nai
Kimi no mono ni wa nara nai
Itsu made soko de sou yatte
Yubi o kuwaete ru tsumori
No no no...

Mamori ni haira nai de
Kougekiteki ni mesete mite
Kanou da toka fukanou da toka
Doko no dare no monosashi

Motto daitan ni
Zuuzuushii hodo

Ato ni natte kuyamu nante
Arikitari na hanashi wa nashi

Kikoete ru kono beat ni
Shitagae ba machigai nai

Chuutohanpa ja tsutawan nai
Furete mina kya wakan nai
Itsu made soko de sou yatte
Ojikezuite ru tsumori
No no no...

English Translation:

Hey, cute boys and girls
Idling your times away there

No pretending to be strong
Just for tonight

Feel it with your bodies
As the mood strikes you

You tend to give top priority
To the reason in your head, don't you?

You should just go with the beat
In such a case

If you only look, nothing happens
And it will never be yours
Until when are you going
To look on enviously there like that?

No no no... No no no...
No no no... No no no...
No no...

Don't be on the defensive
But try to make yourself look aggressive and attractive

Whose measure on earth is it
Whether it's possible or impossible?

Be bolder
Until you seem forward

No more common story
To regret over what has happened

Go along with the beat you hear
And you'll be all right

You can't communicate your feelings with a half-hearted attitude
You don't know what it is, if you don't touch it
Until when are you going
To be scared there like that?


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