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Monday, December 22, 2008

Upcoming Winter 2009 Japanese Drama

Yeap it's time to introduce the upcoming Japanese drama in Winter 2009. So here is a list of dramas that i might like to watch.

1. VOICE [Monday 21:00] - Jan 12 starts

It is a medical drama (wootz my favorite) that revolve around forensic scientists solving mysteries from the examined corpses. I love this kind of mystery drama. So who are the casts? The casts should be familiar to any jap drama lover. They are Eita, Ikuta Toma and Ishihara Satomi ( who acted as the teacher in the drama: Puzzle).

2. Kami no Shizuku [Tuesday 22:00] - 13 Jan starts

Synopsis: The story revolves around a young man whose father, a world-famous wine critic, suddenly dies. In order to take over his father's vast wine collection, he must face off against his adopted brother in a contest to find specific wines, even though he originally has no knowledge of wines.

Cast: Kamenashi Kazuya

3. Triangle [Tuesday 22:00] - 6 Jan starts

Another drama that is classified as mystery.

The series starts with the murder of a 10-year-old girl in 1984. 15 years later, after the case goes unsolved and passes the statute of limitations, a doctor named Goda Ryoji suddenly quits from his hospital and eventually becomes a detective. In 2008, he meets Sachi, a traveling artist in Paris, and shortly after Goda's return to Japan, he becomes involved in the expired murder case when another detective receives an anonymous phone call.

Casts: Eguchi Yosuke, Inagaki Goro, Hirosue Ryoko

4. Love Shuffle [Friday 22:00] - 16 Jan starts

Synopsis: Usami Kei is a manager at an IT company who breaks off his engagement to Mei, the president's daughter. Later at his apartment, a power failure leaves him trapped in an elevator with three other residents: Ojiro, Airu and Masato. While waiting, their conversation hits upon the question of whether there is truly only one fated partner for everyone. As a result, they decide to run an experiment by "shuffling" their relationships with one another.

Casts: Tamaki Hiroshi, Karina

5. Zeni Geba [Saturday 21:00] -17 Jan starts

Synopsis: Gamagori Futaro is an unattractive young man who loses his sick mother as a child due to poverty. He subsequently becomes obsessed with money and is willing to do anything for it. While working for a millionaire he shows his knack for business and in a plot to acquire his company he marries his daughter. After their marriage he kills his father-in-law and takes over his business empire. With his new-found status he makes victims out of everyone around him.

Cast: Matsuyama Kenichi (L in Death Note)

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