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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Review: Love or Bread / 我的亿万面包

A new Taiwanese drama. Okay not really new because 4 episodes were already out. A comedy romance story than revolves around one woman and one guy. A poor young woman and a poor young guy who acts as if he is a rich guy.

Have watched the first 4 episodes. hmm the storyline is not really spectacular. Kind of boring when watching halfway. I even fast forward and watched. Furthermore, there are alot of flashbacks. Perhaps it will be another drama that I will watch it when I am free.

I did surprise of Joe Chang's character in this drama. This character is totally different as the character he acted in "It's Started With a Kiss". His character in this drama is really intolerable - He is a pauper but yet keep wanna buy branded stuffs (till he borrows money from loanshark just to spend as much as he can). His character will perhaps change over the show. hmm but leopard never change it's spots. Throughout the 4 episodes, thought he will kind of change but then he still remain as he is. While Aries Lin's character is one who will pity by others.

Anyway hope the storyline can be more exciting....

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