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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Review: Team Batista no Eiko / チーム・バチスタの栄光

I realize there are quite a few Japanese autumn dramas that are worth watching. This drama is another worth watching drama. Another drama that is about medical but it is not the normal type of medical drama. It is a drama with mystery. This drama focus on a team of surgical experts who specialize in Batista procedure. Batista procedure is used on patients whose heart muscles have been stretched or weakened due to disease and hence result an insufficient amount of blood been pumped around the body. Batista procedure involves the removal of living heart tissue from the left ventricle and the heart is stitched back. This enable the heart to pump blood more effectively due to a smaller heart chamber which can contract more effectively. However the Batista procedure is one of the most difficult surgeries with the survival rate of only 60%.

The teams of surgical experts have successfully operated 27 patients but recently have resulted 3 consecutive deaths on the operating table. So what has exactly happened? Mystery will be slowly revealed through the episodes. This plot has attracted me as i would really like to know what has exactly happened. Furthermore, this drama has widening my knowledge as i get to know more about the Batista procedure.

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