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Friday, October 24, 2008

Review : Innocent Love

Another latest Japanese drama starring Horikita Maki. From the title, we can guess that it is a romance story. My first impression of the drama - looks like the drama from the previous season - Last Friends, especially when you see the opening ( the way they introduce the casts and the song! once again, the song is sang by Utada Hikaru. Not a new song but one of her classic songs - Eternally.) Nice match of the song with the drama. The reason of this drama having some shadows of "Last Friends" is because the scriptwriter is the same person and the production staffs as well.

This drama i think is worth watching because it has been sometimes that I have watched a romance Japanese drama. Haha. Let's get back to the drama. Horikita acts Akiyama Kanon whose parents died in the fire in the Christmas' eve and her brother was arrested as the prime suspect. She was shuuned by the town as the sister of the murderer. Sounds so pitiful. Hence, she decided to move to the city to start a new life and it is where she found the man of her destiny... The plot should be quite common in term of romance story - 2 of them eventually fall in love and there are 3rd or 4th party who will try to break them up and the 2 of them have to go through various obstacles to get together or will the ending be a sad one? From the first episode, I have also sensed forbidden love.

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