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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review: 籃球火 Hot Shot

Have watched the first 3 episodes. An entertaining drama with appealing casts, with exaggerating actions and hilarious actings. For basketball lover, you might like this drama - at least in these 3 episodes, the story mainly revolves around basketball (not like bull fighting drama, hmm only first episode is about basketball? the rest were just the development between the main casts). Want to have some good laugh? This drama can be a right choice for you.

The plot is kind of like the manga- Slam dunk. Yuan Da Ying 元大鷹 (Show Luo) loves basketball alot, but he has no skills at all. Even though, he does not play basketball (a full match) before, he has the potential to be a good basketball player (Just like Hanamichi Sakuragi in Slam Dunk). Of course, in this drama there is also a legendary basketball player - Dong Fang Xiang 東方翔(Jerry Yan) - he is a rival of Yan Da Ying on both basketball and love (Just like Kaede Rukawa who is the rival of Hanamichi Sakuragi). The development of the story till now is still alright, still have the urge to continue watching.

As mentioned above, the casts of this drama are appealing. With Show Luo as one of the main casts. He is the 笑点 for this drama with his hilarious actings. Another main cast is Jerry Yan. Even though, i do not have much good impression of him, i am still comfortable with his acting in this drama. Wu Zun - his scenes are not alot in the 3 episodes. Quite curious about his main motive.

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