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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Review: The Queen's Classroom / Jyoou no Kyoushitsu / 女王の教室

Based on the title, most people should know the main story of this drama. Yeap this drama revolves around students and teacher. Hey seems to have alot of classroom related dramas like gokusen, dragon zakura and etc. All of these dramas revolves around one class and a teacher. Usually in this kind of drama, we, the audiences can see that the teacher is good - one who cares alot of his/her students ; striving his/her best to help the students, while the students will take times through epsiodes to realise the good of the teacher. However, in this drama, all the way we will see how this teacher is been strict to her students and how bad she is treating her students. So is she a demon or a hidden angel?

I think this is another drama that is worth watching (haha seems like every drama that i have watched is worth watching.. lol). Another realistic drama that shows how is a classroom looks like - a place where you make friends, a place where you get bully if you are weak, a place where you betray by your good friends and a place where you are able to make good or bad memories. I am kind of sick with those bully who bully the weak. The teacher is definitely a good teacher who teaches in a very different way. She taught her students to learn in the hard way, made her students realise how harsh is the society, made them realise the reality. No one understands the way she taught, only the students that she has taught realised at the end. I am quite amazed by those students who are only elementary students and able to realise the good of the teacher. In reality, are elementary students really that mature enough to understand good teachers who go in the hard way in teaching them? Perhaps that is the power of that good teacher or the elementary students are really mature to think in that way or it just because it is a drama?

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