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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Have been playing Viwawa in the past 1 month. A website that has accompany me during the days of exam.. haha... There are various games in the website (Mahjong, Big2.5, Sushido , Match It etc) Haha i get to know how to play mahjong and da lao er through viwawa... Anyway it is a great website for you to spend your free time. Sushido game is kind of like Bejeweled. One difference is that u can get extra score by serving the ingredients correctly for your customers. Match It is a memory game where u are only able to open 2 cards each time. The 4 games that i mentioned above are the one that i usually played. Other games in the website include Checkmate, Stwack (fight match, choose what action you want in the next turn - either fight, block or idle)... The latest added game is Bridge - Kind of know how to play but i think not suitable for me cos is kind of strategic game which i do not like.. haha..

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