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Friday, May 02, 2008

Review: 恶作剧2吻

Hmm "finished" this drama 2 days ago. I did not watch the entire drama. That time i stopped watching this drama after episode 6 because i am kind of bored with the plot. Perhaps there is no much anticipation on the lifestyle after zhi shu and xiang qing married. Furthermore i feel that this drama focus on too many people. It makes me feel that they just add in those characters just for the sake of making the drama longer. I cant comment much cos i din watch the entire drama. 2 days ago, i went to watch the last episode. Actually really intend to start watching from episode 7 but then it likes so long (final episode is episode 20). So i just read the synopsis for episode 7 to 19 from the official website. I thought the synopsis can trigger me to go watch but then it failed to do so. Hence i just watched the last episode. Hmm ok there was climate in this episode. Some part did make me feel touch. Quite alot of crying (haha my mum was beside me when im watching this drama and she asked me why gt ppl keep crying?) The drama seems to end abruptly. Something happened to xiang qing but then at the end didn't mention whether she really recover or getting serious? Correct me if i have misinterpret in any sense.

恶作剧2吻 - yeap really alot of kissing... haha kind of too over le...

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