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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Research Day 2

Didn't really do much today again. Basically today just learned how to wash those apparatus. Some might think that why there is a need to learn the cleaning process. Isn't just wash the apparatus with acetone and deionized water? Hmm nope. As i mentioned before, our analysis require 100% accuracy. Hence we need to ensure all our apparatus to be extremely clean. Each entire cleaning process requires about 45 minutes with the use of acetone, sodium hydroxide, deionized water and sonicator.

So today is just another slacking day. Tomorrow shall starts to prepare our sample which is a tough procedure. I believe several attempts are required to obtain the required sample. Hopefully everything can go smoothly. No idea why i still feel tired without doing much today. Perhaps is the boredom that resulted the tiredness in me.. haha...

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