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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

People in my life

There are different kinds of people we have met or will meet in our life. Everyone's perception on a person might be different, hence some able to get along with a particular group of people while some are not able to. I am not an exception. I have met different kind of people ( the way i classify them are in term of my own perception) in my life - those that I love, those that I like, those that I dislike, those that I hate and those who i prefer to remain as strangers etc.

Those that i love. Of course, my family definitely falls into this group. Even since I am born, I met them. Have been spending my life with them all the time. Love them alot. Though sometimes we are bickering, our bonds are not affected. I have always regretted after I giving attitude or talking in a harsh tone towards my mum. I am so sorry mum, I did not mean it. Though my father and I do not talk that frequently as between my mother and I, I know that he really care for me. I also can feel my brother cares alot for me. whahaha... Love you all. ^^ And of course, this category does not leave out that zhuzhu. He also take very good care of me. I am been overly pampered by him. Sooner or later, i think i will become a lazy bug (or am I a lazy bug now?) haha.. Love you too!

I will continue the other categories in the later posts... haha.. stay tune!

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