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Friday, May 30, 2008

Atashi: Bitter Chinese Herb + Research + AMVO !

Just had a bowl of super duper bitter chinese herb. Now then i know how extreme bitter taste like.. =.=.. It is so terrible. Can fight with 99% dark chocolate - this one should be more towards of no taste at all.. Haha.. Hope this chinese herb does help...

anyway, weekend coming again... another week of research has ended. Once again, there were cleaning of apparatus and preparing of samples .. At least today manage to take our samples to analyze absorption and fluorescence... However, there are still improvement to be made to ensure the analyze is totally pure and clean- spectrum should not show any trace of contamination, not even a little...

Recently, my laptop is infected by a malware known as AMVO.exe.. Thought that i have removed it but then after doing another scan, it still remain in my laptop.. Thought that it is not that harmful, but it's kind of irritating... It causes me not able to unhide any hidden files as the setting will auto change back to "Don't show hidden files" after i selected the "Show hidden files". I shall leave the manual removal of this malware to my brother... haha no confident in deleting by myself as i afraid i might delete files that are not supposed to be deleted... haha..

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