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Saturday, October 07, 2006


there are alot of 'you', have comments to make on the alot of 'you'. but not able to say out to alot of 'you' cos is hard to say in front the alot of 'you'. perhaps to shout out in heart, is the best way.... another way is to write down.. not only may make oneself feel more comfortable, there might be chance that ppl come to know abt it by themselves and hav some thought... What i said might not be correct becasue is only what i feel.. sry for any mistakes that i hav made..

'you' - hope that 'you' will change. i hav said a few times le.. i might be the impatient type, im sorry.. so try cut short the conversation and not get into too much details.. There are really stuffs that i dun need to know.. A brief one will do.. 'you' may say that if not too much details , we dun hav much to talk then will affect the distance between us.. but have 'you' think that if tok too details, i will get bored and make the situation worse? I will give a sian tone, then 'you' sian.. all sian then what to do?

'you' - hav confidence in urself... sometimes there are no ppl to help 'you' , 'you' hav to depend on urself... I may say that i sometimes not confidence enough too.. however do be more independent and not rely much on other ppl.. 'you' hav the potential to go on , jus put in more confidence and 'you' will do it...

'you' - sometimes try to control urself.. not to be over-reacted cos will hav negative effect - too fake.. be urself and not to do some actions that 'you' think wll get ppl attentions..

'mi' - i might think too much... every1 has different perspectives in life and to ppl... i do hate myself sometimes to do some actions to cover the real mi.. im sorry to those that i hav gave attitude to cos that's mi.. Sometimes i am too straightforward and might hurt someone feeling.. its all because sometimes i jus have the chong dong to speak out what is in my mind without any "mind-setting' of what will be the consequences after saying all those out... i have been trying to change.. hav not done a good job yet... will try harder...

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