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Monday, October 30, 2006


hei hei de zhu zhu thnx for the present.. haha dun be disappointed le ok? haha.. it is really a nice present wor.. i like it very much.. hav also enjoyed yesterday... haha...

yesterday watched "the prestige".. ya it a nice movie.. recommended movie by mi hehe... also went to vivocity yesterday.. oh man super crowded till mi felt so dizzy.. really alot of shops to shop there.. haha jie mei man after exam go there shop shop... hehe..

yesterday also met a long time no see frenz-- belinda.. so qiao we met each other in vivocity and she only at singapore for 12 hrs.. haha very qiao sia.. ya glad that she is fine.. haha..

now slacking at library waiting for next lesson... tired sia... so sleepy... now the weather super nice to slp.. oh man... Zzzzz.. kk shall stop here... sayonara...

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