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Monday, September 18, 2006

It's a long and tiring day

Today so tired sia.. kyo wa juugyo wa kuji han kara goji han made deshita.. tai hen desu ne...
Had comp chem test today.. Was an open book test but it ended up to be an open discussion test.. Haha... but jus realised I have made one careless mistake. Oh man this kind of mistake has been wif mi since secondary school. When will u get away from mi? =.=

Every monday is so hectic, from 930 to 530 without any break in between.. Soon or later will i collapse? haha should be no ba cos im strong... lol =p . It is fun attending jap lesson.. Every monday and thurday looking forward for the lesson. This coming thursday will have my first jap test . Hope can do well... hehe..

Ja, shld stop here le... i shall continue my studying and bleaching.. =p..


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