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Friday, September 22, 2006

The hectic week over le...

The week with three tests had over.. Yeah... Finally can relax relax le... Next week is recess.. hehe can slack liao...

Today was a long and tiring day... Doing lab really like fighting battle sia.. hectic and stressful.. need to fight with time... 6 hours staying in the lab, with those chemical smell had made mi headache sia... Hmm but today the experiment was carried out quite smoothly ba, able to complete on time.. haha but i broke a big measuring cylinder.. opps.. So clumsy sia.. must be more careful next time asuka.. =.=

Oh ya yesterday had my jap test.. hehe... Dunno how to read the instructions sia (cos all in jap- quite chim) haha but manage to know wat to do... Jap is fun =)

Ok i stop here le... go watch tv le.... sayonara...

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