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Friday, September 15, 2006



this is my very first time that i blog.. jus feel curious with blogging cos friends around me are already blogging. So im here to try...


My mood today was super low after the interview. Hmm i am really not good in communication - can't even speak what im thinking. Always flunk my interviews. Oh man how am I going to overcome it? Hmm i always believe failure is the start of a new success, hmm should I change the mindset?

My mood was worsened with the lab experiment i have done today. It's seem that i am really not good in practical. Always hav many doubts and do not hav confidence in doing the next steps. What to do? I have to keep asking for helps from TA and my frenz. Im so sorry Shan to trouble u so much by asking so many questions. Sumimasen ne...

Wow seem like im so useless de, so many areas I need alot of improvements.

Next week having three tests. Starting to get stress up. However I am no longer as stress as before le cos i know how to relax myself. Have been watching anime to relax myself recently. Have completed watching shaman king.. currrently watching tsubasa chronicle and bleach.

Wow have written quite alot le.. Should stop at here..


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