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Monday, May 05, 2008

Review: Saitou San

Get to know this drama through drama wiki. I watched this drama because it has a relatively high rating. So why not watch it?

Just watched 2 episodes and i found it quite interesting. Saitou san is a righteous person who will always stand out when trouble surfaces. She is just a normal mother who is raising her child alone when her husband is rarely at home due to work. Unlike her, the other mothers in the drama would rather stay out from trouble. Hence other mothers always stay away from her with the trouble that she would bring. Another character called Mano who is very eager to get along with other mothers. She will try every mean to please them. However she seems to change slowly from the influence of Saitou san.

I have no idea why those high school students want to keep stirring trouble in the kindergarten. Think that what it calls as revenge on Saitou san. But then i think they are such a coward to disturb those children. I like Saitou san when she confronts those high school students. Though she feels fear when confronting them, she still do it because of her sense of righteousness.

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