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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Am i still at where i was belonged?

begin to hav this thought recently. cos i think the problem ( where i think some ppl might not think it as a problem) is becoming worse...

Recently, hav been seeing unfamilar faces and those types of tones... hmm i just cant get used to it and is making mi more and more uncomfortable... jus feel like they are stepping on us ( oh man why i hav such thought?)... ya i noe they might help 'us' in some senses ( where i am not directly benefitted from it), but isnt it like "overflooding"? At one time, when i was waiting for bus, although there were alot of ppl,i felt so odd.. Make mi feel that i dun belong to here... i think some ppl will not face this 'problem' cos the place where i live i hav to meet alot of these ppl and i jus cant get use to it..

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